Sports Center

Some people around here (I’m looking at you, Tony Romo)
Get paid rather enormous amounts of money each year
To fail in different and increasingly epic ways.

Maybe next year.

Sometimes, I think sports is the main reason
That “Epic Collapse” was invented as a phrase.
(Bridges are the other reason, and that’s worse.)

Only sports has a one-hour annual event
That requires sixteen hours of airtime on TV.

Some people seem relieved when the home team loses.
They’re out of contention. Failures. Doomed.
However, it does give you the rest of the season off to just relax.

Maybe next year.

But, sometimes, rarely,
After struggles and discord,
After playing through the pain,
After enough players thank God and Mom,
The home team are crowned the Champions of the World.

They’re the best!
They’re the winners!
We rock!

Maybe next year.

My team was crowned Champions a few years back.
The next day, I drove in bad traffic to a job that still sucked.
My pay did not increase and I didn’t get laid that night.

Does it really matter if the home team wins?

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