Road Rage

An idiot cut me off yesterday.
I saw her in the corner of my mirror.
She was weaving through traffic
Like a halfback running for daylight.

I slowed down so she could squeeze by me.
She missed me (barely), then saw her chance.
As she accelerated far beyond the limited speed,
I thought “She’s going to have an accident.”

I usually think “I hope you have a wreck.”
But I didn’t want to get involved this time.
It was the weekend and I was already busy.

Apparently, someone thought she should wreck,
Because a moment later, we heard brakes locking.
We saw smoking tires and bright red lights.
Then, we heard the silence of anticipation.


Like a couple of happy drunks in Vegas,
Two cars joined together and immediately separated.
The results were just as damaging.

Everyone around the scene froze, not sure what to do.
The neighbors walked over to meet the victims.
“There’s two people who need a ride to work on Monday.”

People in both cars seemed alive and responsive,
Which means the Dallas cops won’t bother to visit.
Just exchange insurance and move the cars from traffic.

We slowly drove by, witnesses that weren’t needed,
Since someone got rear-ended by a speeder,
And the cops wouldn’t come anyway.

I’m glad I let her by, so she didn’t hit me.
I feel guilty I let her by to hit someone else.
Always check your mirrors for idiots.
They’re everywhere these days.

Where do you have to be on a Saturday afternoon?

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