When I was (much) younger,
All TV shows had commercials.
They interrupted at key points.
It was really annoying.

We didn’t even have remotes.
If you wanted to change the channel,
You needed to get off of the couch,
Or a little brother.

Thank goodness for progress.
Today, many of us now have DVRs.
Now, we can skip over commercials.
Fast-Forward. Zip. Zip.

It’s fun.

The only problem I have
Is not knowing what time
Any of my shows are actually on.
I never watch live any more.

So, now, commercials don’t work as well.
Companies have to move to new tactics.
Today, we have product placement.
It is only subliminally annoying.

I was thinking about this yesterday.
I was stuck in traffic in my Ford Edge.
The built-in GPS found me a new route.
All cars should be this well-engineered.

After I got home, I realized something.
I hate the idea of product placement.
It’s usually not done very well.
It’s just not very subtle.

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