Lost At Sea

Sailing to Europe,
Will take over a week.
Onboard, it’s all quiet,
Your phone doesn’t shriek.

That’s a major benefit
Of being at sea.
You can be connected,
Or you can be free.

A ship is not like a plane,
Where you arrive hours later.
Trips are measured in days.
Whether cruise ship or freighter.

I used to ride trains,
Traveled from coast to coast.
Speed of 79 miles per hour,
That was the most.

I drive faster than that when I’m late for work. Unless you’re a police officer.

With “pedal to the metal”,
A ship might do 20 knots.
That’s 23 miles per hour.
Which is “slow” in some spots.

Flying home just last month,
We were doing 20 knots in a jet.
We were taxiing to the runway.
Since we weren’t flying yet.

So, a cruise isn’t quick,
It can take quite  a while.
But that’s not always bad.
You’ll arrive with a smile.

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