Was “NotAmazon Co.” taken?

I would write about Kyndryl
Like many analysts now will.
But it’s just too stupid a name.

I assume a Millennial committee
In some overcrowded city
Took months to create this stupid name.

Some marketing manager said,
“Alas, the old IBM is dead!”
“Just don’t buy a vowel.”

As a new corporate name.
I find it quite inane.
And it fights Amazon and Google.

A division that was once vaunted
But at last no longer wanted.
Why not just name it “Ginny”?

A LIttle Off The Top

Mommy cut my hair today.
Most of it just went away.
I mean, she trimed me lots and lots.
I’m glad I like my new bald spots.

I saw my brother filled with dread,
He forgot that he can shed.
He never gets a Mommy trim,
He’s never sliced from limb to limb.

You know, Dad’s looking a bit shaggy.
His sideburns are just a little scraggy.
I think he’s hiding from my Mom.
Next time, I think I’ll go along.

Fall in Spring

I was rearranging my plants.
In my lucky sweat pants.
That’s not really my point.
I’ve wounded another joint.

It’s Spring and lovely as can be,
But I fell and tweaked my knee.
Watching my new plants stand tall,
And I’m wondering if I can crawl.

Everything is still locked down,
We’re just remaining in town.
Otherwise, I’d be on a ship,
But I still had my Spring Break trip.


The future is no longer bleak.
We made it through another week.
Wednesday, I wouldn’t bet this way.
And yet, tomorrow’s Saturday.

Two days to rest and recoup.
Time for salads and for soup.
That was a joke, people.
Time for pizza and sundaes.

A lot of meetings passed me by.
I went to them all, and did not cry.
I learned a lot and stored it away.
It’s all forgotten by next Monday.


Katie is a lovely dog
She knows that she is mine.
She only has one tiny fault.
She cannot tell the time.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is every night at seven.
So, she starts her dinner whine
At six-ten or six-eleven.

Sometimes, this will work.
I will feed them early.
Katie learned that dinner time
Arrives some nights prematurely.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is every night at six-fifteen
So, she starts her dinner whine
At five-thirty, six or in-between.

Once the whining has commenced,
She never tends to drop it.
Only puppy food in quantity
Seems to make her stop it.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is sometime after four.
So, she starts her dinner whine
Sometime the day before.

The one part of my dear Kate
That never needs explaining.
She only has two speeds in life,
Sound asleep and loud complaining.

Oncor Haikus

Notes from the author: Woke up this morning, having trouble breathing. Looked up to check the time, and my projection clock was out. That’s when I realized my breathing issues were because my CPAP was not running. Took off my mask, and watched as the ceiling fan spun slowly to a stop. The power is out again.

Warmness engulfs me.
Ceiling fans no longer run.
Power out again.

Bleeding quietly.
I was shaving in the dark.
Blades of danger.

Messages flowing.
Oncor status emails sent.
Email needs Internet.

Living in darkness.
My world is in the shadows.
I am powerless.


I want to sail the ocean blue.
The open waves that we once knew.
Alone at last and feeling free.
I can’t, because the CDC.

Wuhan has some poison labs.
WHO first blamed the bat kebabs.
But the CDC has some key tips.
Disease is caused by cruising ships.