Coffee Time

We have a new coffee pot.
It is very technically advanced.

It has a pot for 12 cups on one side.
It has a pod for a K-cup on the other.

I guess you could have coffee
While you are waiting for your coffee.

Choices, so many choices.
So early in the morning.

It has a timer to start coffee.
I wish I had known that last night.

I finally had a Coke.
You just pour it in a cup.

That will be caffeine enough.
At least enough to learn the coffee pot.

Tax Day

I finished my taxes Thursday.
This was a day early.
Actually, it was four days early.
The deadline changed again.

Taxes used to be simple.
April 15th.
The Ides of April.
(Just realized that.)

April 15th is my birthday eve.
So, that also made it easy.
If I was trying to avoid a party,
My taxes were due.

I guess it’s now a floating holiday.
Just like all the other holidays.
George? Abraham?
You were born on the 18th this year.


I am not a Princess.
I am a Queen, Dammit.
Hear me roar.

Where is my food?
Where are my subjects?
Where are my snacks?

I am waiting.
Do you not hear me?
I can be louder.

This is my castle.
Quake before me.
But first, snacks.

RIP Kaitlin Renee (2006-2022)


It’s almost my birthday.
Happy Birthday to me.
Well, at my advancing age,
it’s more bah humbug.

Sixty-two is a blah event.
It’s not like I’m sixty.
It’s not like I’m sixty-five.

I’m rich!
I’m wealthy!
I’m socially secure!

I’m old enough to get the joke.
(Thank you, Daffy.)