The Name

Kevin remembers: “This is all pretty vague, but I remember having a long discussion about the name one afternoon in the studio. Jim probably has a better version of this. I think Michael gets the credit, but I haven’t talked to him in quite a while, so I can’t confirm any of this.”

“Anyway, one afternoon, we were discussing names, Jim, Michael and myself, after we finished rehearsing a couple of songs:

Jim: “We need more bass on that track.”
Kevin: “We don’t have a bass player.”
Jim: “That may be the problem.”
Michael: “It’s been a hard day’s night, it has!”
Kevin: “Would you please stop quoting bloody Ringo all the time!”
Jim: “What are we going to call ourselves?”
Kevin: “I like Oasis. I think it’s a cool name.”
Michael: “That’s not a good name for a rock band!”
Jim: “I think it’s a really bad name for a rock band.”
Kevin: “No, it’s a good name. Ask anyone.”
Jim: “Fine. I’ll ask Mrs. Owings. Mrs. Owings, what do you think about Oasis?”
Mrs Owings: “When I was in the WACs after the war, I was stationed in the desert. Our favorite time of day was midnight at the oasis.”
Michael: “That sounds like a really lame love song!”
Kevin: “Fine. I give up. Oasis is out. So, what’s left?”
Jim: “I like “Jim and His Band.”
Michael, Kevin: “NO!”
Michael: “Two-thirds Catholic?”
Kevin: “For the last time, Sister Rosaline is not giving you extra credit for a band name.”
Jim: “Monkey Beat?”
Kevin: “What is in that juice box you’re drinking?”
Michael: “This is tiring. It’s like riding a stagecoach seven days.”
Kevin: “Would you stop trying to invent Ringoisms!”
Jim: “Wait. Stagecoach Seven. I like that. It’s a good word and a number that’s basically meaningless. Very zen.”
Kevin: “You mean people will meditate about it’s meaning?”
Jim: “I think it’s cosmic. Let’s go ride bikes.”
Michael: “We can’t be Michael’s Happy Jazz Band?”
Jim, Kevin: “NO!”
Kevin: “Stagecoach 7 works for me, but we need Roman numerals.”
Jim, Michael: “Done.”

That’s how I remember it. If I hear from the other guys, I’ll correct it.”