Pet Parents

My funny little puppy
Jumps where he is able.
So, we all eat standing up,
Instead of at the table.

My sleepy little puppy
Unlocks his crate with his snout.
It’s impressive that he can get in,
We’re glad he can’t get out.

My skinny little puppy
Always sheds his hair.
He could be very, very large.
But he’s spread out everywhere.

My crazy little puppy
Always wants a snack.
She never can relax at all
We’ll feed her Doggie Prozac.

A LIttle Off The Top

Mommy cut my hair today.
Most of it just went away.
I mean, she trimed me lots and lots.
I’m glad I like my new bald spots.

I saw my brother filled with dread,
He forgot that he can shed.
He never gets a Mommy trim,
He’s never sliced from limb to limb.

You know, Dad’s looking a bit shaggy.
His sideburns are just a little scraggy.
I think he’s hiding from my Mom.
Next time, I think I’ll go along.


Katie is a lovely dog
She knows that she is mine.
She only has one tiny fault.
She cannot tell the time.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is every night at seven.
So, she starts her dinner whine
At six-ten or six-eleven.

Sometimes, this will work.
I will feed them early.
Katie learned that dinner time
Arrives some nights prematurely.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is every night at six-fifteen
So, she starts her dinner whine
At five-thirty, six or in-between.

Once the whining has commenced,
She never tends to drop it.
Only puppy food in quantity
Seems to make her stop it.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is sometime after four.
So, she starts her dinner whine
Sometime the day before.

The one part of my dear Kate
That never needs explaining.
She only has two speeds in life,
Sound asleep and loud complaining.

Rocky’s Bargain

Would you like some extra hair?
I have plenty.
I can share.

I would like a tasty snack.
Can I give you hair
And get food back?

It’s seems you have my hair.
You can keep it.
I don’t care.

So, food – a small amount?
The hair is free.
Put the food on account.

Rocky’s Anniversary

Rocky arrived here
Eight years ago today.
He was limping pretty badly,
But still wanted to play.

He was hit by a car.
His back legs were broken apart.
A lady dumped him at our vet.
It was a rocky start.

(He’s actually named Rocky,
Because he was a Chihuahua
That took on a Cadillac.

We were going to foster him,
Until he found his perfect home.
He never made it off the couch,
He wouldn’t leave us alone.

He’s been with us eight long years,
He thinks he runs the house.
He’s killed a couple of snakes so far,
And one quite bloody mouse.

So, here’s to Rocky FosterPup.
He’s our favorite little shrimp.
He’s running all around the yard
Because he never learned to limp.

It’s A Dog’s Life


You don’t understand me at all.

Hey! Listen to me!
I’m trying to tell you something important.
I forgot.

Time to go out.
Why am I in the yard?
Time to come in.

I’m starving.
Wow. I’m full.
Is there more?

Skritch me.
Skritch me.
Why are you touching me?

Stranger! Stranger! Stran.. Oh, it’s Mom.
I’m sleepy.

Stranger! Stranger! Stran.. Oh, it’s Dad.
I’ll finish my nap.

Time to go out.
Cleanup on aisle three.

I’m just a bit hungry.
Why did you wake me up?
Is there food?

Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad?

Grandma said you have to share your steak.
I’m waiting.
This slipper tastes like steak, I think.

Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?

I’m starving again.
Not now, I’m napping.

Can I have a snack?

Dog Talk

We have a very vocal puppy.
Her name is Katie.
She talks all the time.
(She gets it from her Mom.)

The problem with a vocal puppy,
Is that nobody in the house speaks Dog.
With the exception of the Chihuahua,
And nobody speaks Spanish, either.

Katie howls at the front window.
This means, “Mail’s here.”
Unless, “The yard man is mowing.”
Sometimes, “A leaf blew in the street.”

Katie whimpers by the bed.
(Only in the middle of the night.)
This means, “I must go outside.”
Or, “Daddy’s sleeping in my spot.”
Sometimes, “Can you get me a snack?”

Katie whines in the kitchen.
This means, “Feed me now.”
Perhaps, “I would like some attention.”
Rarely, “My goodness, I am full.”

Katie cries by the back door.
This means, “Potty, please.”
Unless it means, “The neighbors are loud.”
Maybe, “There is noise out front, but this door has a window.”

Katie moans by the bedroom door.
On the outside, “Let me in!”
On the inside, “Let me out!”
That one, we understand.