Beer Store

On a bus trip in Nepal,
I was feeling very small.
I asked the monk beside me
His advice.

He pondered for awhile,
Then he smiled a toothless smile,
He whispered to me,
“Consider rice.”

“Rice grains are sands of time.
And when they all align,
Sometimes you get risotto,
And sometimes beer.”

He drifted back to sleep.
I thought, “That’s pretty deep.”
I vowed to find the secrets
In the grains of rice.

It was getting pretty late,
So I tried to meditate.
Can a toothless grin
Still really be a smile?

Then I thought about the rice,
I guessed you roll the dice.
Sometimes you get risotto,
Sometimes beer.

Maybe the rice were nations,
Not just our daily rations,
And all of us have our jobs
To fulfill the world.

I let out a little groan,
My mind was fully blown.
The sleeping monk’s rice
Was a universal truth.

As I drifted off to sleep,
A little doubt did creep.
What if the smiling monk
Just wanted to be left alone?

At sunrise’s early glow,
I guessed I’d never know.
Sometimes deep thoughts
Aren’t really that profound.

There’s a beer store in the Himalayas.
In the clouds up in the sky.
But no-one ever goes there,
Since they’re already very high.

Rocky’s Saga

Rocky went for a walk one day.
A perfect time to run and play.

He went out for adventure all alone.
He decided to run away from home.

Rocky had never run so far.
He never looked up to see the car.

He lay in the road a broken pet.
A stranger took him to the vet.

The doctor said, “He’s really ill.”
Crazy Dog Lady said, “Send us the bill!”

A doctor helped him through the pain.
The doctor said, “He’ll never run again.”

He recovered with a new Mom and Dad.
He thought his new life wasn’t bad.

Nothing in his new world was the same.
He even found he had a different name.

Rocky found that running really wasn’t hard,
If there are squirrels to chase across the yard.

Rocky’s been at home for ten years now.
He’s spoiled as much as Dad will allow.

His painful crash had a happy end.
Broken bones will sometimes mend.

All brave adventurers will roam.
Sometimes they find their perfect home.

You never know whom you will meet.
But look both ways when you cross the street.


I was changing the dogs’ water last night.
Carefully washing out the bowl.
I realized that Rocky never drinks from it.
He uses the one in the kitchen.
There is also water in his food.
Katie used the bowl I washed.
She crossed the bridge this month.
Maybe if I washed her water bowl,
She would come back.

Another Monday

It’s time to rise and go to work.
My dog rolls over with a smirk.

There’s a pounding in my head.
I wonder how to work from bed.

Two cups of coffee for my thirst.
The second cup to wake the first.

It was a very long night indeed.
But a little longer now, I plead.

I should be functional by noon.
At least it will be the weekend soon.