• “It was a lot of fun … a whirlwind ride, to use a cliche. We always feared it probably wouldn’t last, but it was fun while it was there” – Blind John Ellsworth, 2007
  • “Please secure legal representation. Mrs. Owings has returned from the grave and is suing for back royalties.” – Jim Suhler, 2007
  • “I really have no comment at this time.” – Michael Donohoe, whenever approached for comments
  • “You know, they were there first. Very early on. In fact, many Beatles cover bands today are probably just Stagecoach VII cover bands.” — John Highgate, London Daily Times News Review
  • “What is that racket?” – Jim’s Aunt Helen, 1967
  • “If I make you cheeseburgers, will you take a break?” – Mrs Owings, 1967
  • “Sometimes, I think they’re all a bit delusional” – Virginia Pesce Gilhooly, 2007
  • “Who?” – Sir George Martin, legendary Beatles producer
  • “No, we’re the Who!” – Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey