Religion Blues

Jesus is my Savior,
Since no-one else applied.
Nuns taught me how He lived,
Priests told me how He died.

I used to read the Bible,
The Good Book, so they say.
I found it on a CD,
So, in my car, I’d pray.

I wonder if He watches me,
How I daily live my life.
I hope I make Him happy,
I don’t want to cause Him strife.

Someday, I will meet Him.
Maybe even meet his Dad.
I guess I’ll have to wait and see.
I’d better not be bad.

Gift Rappin’

I found my Christmas present.
It’s in a big old shiny box.
I hope that’s it’s a present,
And not just a pile of rocks.

All the other presents
Are underneath the tree.
Some my brother paid for,
And some he took for free.

I got my lover a Ferrari.
It’s shiny, new and red.
I hope she like car models,
Or we’ll never go to bed.

I got my wife a present,
A back scratcher for her itch.
I don’t know why I got it,
She’s usually a …

Hard person to shop for.

Peace Out!

Ellie’s Song

I’m gonna drool
‘Till I go to school.
Then, I’m gonna drool
Some more.

I’m gonna drool
Sitting on my stool,
‘Till there’s puddles
On the floor.

Drool cleans the dirt
On my Grandpa’s shirt.
But it leaves a mess
On Grandma’s dress.

So, I’m gonna drool
‘Till I go to school,
‘Cause while droolin’
I’m the best.