Bob, Bob, Bob
Bob, Bob-o-link!
Bob, Bob, Bob
Bob, Bob-o-link!

It was twenty years ago, I think
That we started playing Bob-O-Link

Windin’ our way down on Bob-O-Link
Light in your head, and starting to think
Well another crazy day
You drink the night away
And forget about everything

I wanna go down to Bob-O-Link
I’ve gotta get away, find a place to think
Walkin’ on the border, seems kinda rough
I need a little quiet, just can’t get enough

I want to leave my troubles
Break on through these walls
It’s hard to find some peace
With people tryin’ to find their balls

Wander along the outskirts
I’ll walk near a peaceful waterfall
I can hear some children playing
As I begin to fall

Bob-O-Link is quiet as night approaches
It’s time for us to return home
I’ve been around people all evening
But I still feel all alone

Mrs Owings

Mrs Owings, what have you done?
You’ve made a fool of everyone…

Ah, Look at all the lonely people..
Poor Mrs Owings, picks up the rice in the church
Where a wedding has been

Call up Mrs Owings on the telephone
It’s getting close to lunch time and we’re almost home
We need a couple burgers just to get us through
It’s Carnival time, just for me and you

Dad always tells us that she’s a saint
But I’m not really sure that’s right
I’ve never seen her wearin’ any halo
And she just doesn’t seem that contrite

Then he reminds us that she’s not our slave
He says we’re going to drive her plum insane
It’s not like she doesn’t get even with us
‘Cause now she serving okra once again

Still, I’m glad she’s here with us
She’s our only tried and true
We’d probably starve without her
Mrs Owings, we love you