Tick Tick Tick

April now is underway.
The Spring is sprung.
Bugs are out to play.

Alas, it must be getting near.
To complete the forms.
To shed a tear.

It’s soon will be the filing date.
Receipts and bills.
It’s getting late.

I started out late last year.
I did what I could.
I waited here.

Every year, it seems the same.
January fifth, I’m almost done.
April tenth, I’m quite insane.

April fourteenth, I will announce,
“I’ve sent the damn thing in!”
Hope the check won’t bounce.

Tax Day

I finished my taxes Thursday.
This was a day early.
Actually, it was four days early.
The deadline changed again.

Taxes used to be simple.
April 15th.
The Ides of April.
(Just realized that.)

April 15th is my birthday eve.
So, that also made it easy.
If I was trying to avoid a party,
My taxes were due.

I guess it’s now a floating holiday.
Just like all the other holidays.
George? Abraham?
You were born on the 18th this year.