Sometimes you’re soft,
Sometimes you’re tough.
You’re always doing your best,
Sometimes, that’s just not enough.

Your parents will love you,
They’ll try to make you a man.
Sometimes, they just scar you,
By doing the best that they can.

Sometimes, you’re happy,
Sometimes, you’re hurt.
Just keep trying to reach higher,
Sometimes, you’ll rise from the dirt.

Your friends will support you,
They all stand by your side.
Sometimes, you’re alone,
Since they’ve decided to hide.

Sometimes, you’re working,
Sometimes, you’ll play.
Just do what you believe in,
Sometimes, it will finally pay.

Hidden Messages

Heard about a poet.
English chap, I’m told.
Left messages in poems.
Protected in simple code.

Many failed to find them.
Years went by until he passed.

Why no one ever saw them.
I never thought to ask.
First, I thought “Too clever”.
Everyone missed the clues.

Perhaps, nobody listened.
Only husbands have the blues.
I’m sure someday they’ll find him.
Somewhere in the fields.
Only time will tell, I guess.
Never drop your shields.
Even when you think it’s safe,
Don’t ever be too sure.

Many men have gone before.
Ever thinking they’re secure.

Murder By Reason of Poetry

You have a big ol’ belly,
And you’re kinda smelly.
You remind me of Mom.

You seem kinda bitchy,
And you’re always itchy.
You remind me of Mom.

You’re a wee bit lazy,
And you’re kinda crazy.
You remind me of Mom.

You’re always nappin’,
And your gums are flappin’.
You remind me of Mom.

You know where this is leading,
I’m lying here bleeding.
Just for singing this song.

(Don’t ever sing silly songs to your dogs. It can get you killed. Apparently.)