Reality Sucks

This has not been a good week.
Actually, this has been a bad year.
That is not a plea for sympathy,
Or even a cry for help.
It is facing reality.

In the old days, you would exclaim,
“I need a drink!”
Alcohol is expensive.
Worse yet, it’s temporary.

Many in desperation cry out,
“Just shoot me!”
I don’t do that anymore.
Mainly, because someone might.
That could be permanent.

So, here’s my request to the universe..Try to do something today
That makes the world suck less.
I’m not the only one who
Would appreciate it.


(If I Seem) Cranky

If I seem a wee bit cranky,
Please do excuse the tone.
It’s not that I’m not caring,
I just have problems of my own.

I just can’t worry about everyone,
Your crap is yours alone.
I’m worried about my own damn life,
And I’m getting in the zone.

I’m sure you have huge issues,
You could describe them on the phone.
I’d just really wish you wouldn’t do so,
Those are problems that you own.

Someday, I’ll pass on good advice.
Thoughts heavier than a stone.
It just won’t be any time real soon,
So please don’t bitch and moan.