Writer’s Block

I had a great idea.
I even had a rhyme.
This was a brilliant poem.
It ran in 4/4 time.

I was in the midst of writing.
I had it all, no doubt.
I started on the third stanza.
And the Internet went out.

No worries.
I have it in my head.
I can wait until it’s back.
But my Internet is dead.

I’m off to find a notebook,
And a pencil or a pen.
I don’t want to lose this moment,
And AT&T is down. Again.

uVerse Blues

Thank you for calling AT&T,
Your system’s going up and down I see.
The trouble may be on your end,
Please reboot and try again.

Rebooting didn’t fix the pain?
Perhaps you should reboot again.
We could try to send someone to you
It’s Monday now, would Thursday do?

We replaced the modem you have inside,
So the problem must have moved outside.
We could try to send an outside guy,
How about Sunday – time does fly.

I tried to call to check the line.
It’s down, so you didn’t answer in time.
You’ve moved to the end of the queue.
Eventually, we’ll get to you.

Your phone calls have  all begun to fail,
Your Internet is slower than the US mail,
We’re sure you’ll survive without TV,
And thanks for calling AT&T.