Editor’s note: This is about as long as I have gone through National Poetry Writing Month before writer’s block set in. Maybe tomorrow.

Mumble, mumble, mumble.

I got nothing.
I’m drawing a blank.
If I were a pirate,
I’d be walking the plank.

A Stranger In Need

I met a distressed strawberry
Outside my local MegaMart.
He asked if I had some spare change,
While I returned my shopping cart.

He said he was from out of town.
He was lugging an empty gas can.
He was trying to get his family home.
They were really in a jam.

The cautious cynic deep inside me
Thought this was just another scam.
But he looked at me so desperately,
Then, he said his name was Sam.

I drove Sam to the closest filling station,
Where I quietly paid to fill up his can.
Then, we drove out to meet his family,
Who were truly in a jam.

I spread them on a baguette.
They were delicious.
Problem solved.

(If I Seem) Cranky

If I seem a wee bit cranky,
Please do excuse the tone.
It’s not that I’m not caring,
I just have problems of my own.

I just can’t worry about everyone,
Your crap is yours alone.
I’m worried about my own damn life,
And I’m getting in the zone.

I’m sure you have huge issues,
You could describe them on the phone.
I’d just really wish you wouldn’t do so,
Those are problems that you own.

Someday, I’ll pass on good advice.
Thoughts heavier than a stone.
It just won’t be any time real soon,
So please don’t bitch and moan.