Sunday is a day for family.
Time to spend together, chilling.
This is why God invented wine.
It’s to help prevent the killing.

It’s a time to recall old stories.
Reenact them with force.
Reopen some old wounds.
Then, the pasta course.

I’m not sure the term for
A loud, three-way argument.
There’s the same mutual respect
As in the Houses of Parliament.

There’s lots of good food,
So many emotions to tap.
After eating and discussing,
There may be time for a nap.

Sleep with one eye open.
Just sayin’.


Stress is good,
People will say,
Because it means
You’re still alive.

There are times
Like right now,
When I would forfeit
Some of my stress,
Even if meant that
People wondered about me.
(I’m not dead, I just haven’t showered yet.)