I almost forgot.
I need a poem.
Just like my hair
Now needs a comb.

That was questionable.
I’m in a hurry.
It’s a poem a day,
I have to scurry.

This was horrible.
Tomorrow will be good.
At least we can hope.
Let’s all knock on wood.



This must be a Monday,
I have nothing clever to say.
Don’t give this a second look.
My mind is but an open book.

I’ve been spending all this time,
Just to find some words to rhyme.
My head is feeling very dense.
The words don’t really make much sense.

Tomorrow is another day.
I’m sure my mind will be OK.
I will have a great work of art.
At least I’ll have another start.

Writer’s Block

Well, it’s been over a month, 
So it was bound to happen sometime.
Writer’s Block.

I have no ideas today.
It may be that I need a nap.
Maybe I ate too much pizza.


I was going to write about aspirin.
How it solves many problems.
That’s how blocked I am.

How does it enlarge arteries
And fix headaches or backaches,
And know which one to do when taken? 

After that, I was thinking about a friend of mine
Who may need back surgery. 
I was told he needs work on his L4. 
That’s medical-speak for some bone.

At the Italian place we had lunch,
L4 is Spaghetti and Meatballs. 

I don’t think spaghetti
Would be a good replacement
For a human vertebra. 
Just sayin’. 

So, I may not write anything today.
However, I just wrote that I may not write anything, 
So that’s something. 

Is that irony? 

Tomorrow, I will have a better idea.
Or, I will have to put out a greatest hits album.
That’s the other solution to a well of ideas run dry.
However, it requires having hits.

I’d better start thinking about tomorrow.