An Atheist Goes to Heaven

I feel my eyes closing,
Dim goes the light.
It’s time to just fade
Quietly into the night.

The is the final step.
I will enter the Void.
My life is completed.
I’m slightly annoyed.

Inner peace and silence
Are all that I can sense.
Around me, nothingness,
Except a rather large fence.

It’s not really a fence,
It’s more like a big gate.
It’s painted pearly white.
So I’ll take the bait.

A robed guy is standing
With a halo and iPad.
He’s checking off names.
Each has a box: Good or Bad.

I’m not liking the looks of this.

My name was marked Good.
How in God’s name did that happen?
What happened to the Void?
In God’s name. Oops.

I was handed a white robe,
I’m heading off into the light.
I’m not annoyed that I was wrong,
But that my wife may have been right.

I’m not playing a damn harp.

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