Tax Eve

Today you file, if you owe.
Refunds filed long ago.

Tax forms can be quite a bitch,
The IRS thinks that we’re all rich.

We pay for months and months before,
And then today, some pay some more.

For some, it seems a source of mirth,
I just don’t think I got my money’s worth.

Rocky Relationship

I cannot get a snack to eat.
If I move, I’ll lose my seat.

I have a bit of deadly gloom,
Why does a dog need so much room?

What is it with this magic chair?
He knows that I always sit there.

I’m sure that dogs must mean no harm,
Perhaps they find a used seat warm.

At last, I must admit defeat.
I will never have a snack to eat.


How do you get fired from a rock band?
It’s better to burn out than to fade away.
Sometimes, you just have to go your own way.

After all the losses of the past few years,
It’s strange to have someone leave the band,
Yet, he’s not dead, he just got canned.

I empathize with Mr. Buckingham,
I hope he remains hale and hearty,
At IBM, he’d get a retirement party.


My grandkids rode around in my car.
We set the locks so they can’t go far.

They tried to escape just one time each.
The secret lock was out of their reach.

All safe.

We went home at last, sad to say.
We’ll go back up again someday.

Later, their Dad came down to visit.
Well, to a meeting, same thing, is it?

We went to dinner, which was quite a treat.
We got home, but he’s still in the back seat.

All safe.