Rocky’s Saga

Rocky went for a walk one day.
A perfect time to run and play.

He went out for adventure all alone.
He decided to run away from home.

Rocky had never run so far.
He never looked up to see the car.

He lay in the road a broken pet.
A stranger took him to the vet.

The doctor said, “He’s really ill.”
Crazy Dog Lady said, “Send us the bill!”

A doctor helped him through the pain.
The doctor said, “He’ll never run again.”

He recovered with a new Mom and Dad.
He thought his new life wasn’t bad.

Nothing in his new world was the same.
He even found he had a different name.

Rocky found that running really wasn’t hard,
If there are squirrels to chase across the yard.

Rocky’s been at home for ten years now.
He’s spoiled as much as Dad will allow.

His painful crash had a happy end.
Broken bones will sometimes mend.

All brave adventurers will roam.
Sometimes they find their perfect home.

You never know whom you will meet.
But look both ways when you cross the street.


I was changing the dogs’ water last night.
Carefully washing out the bowl.
I realized that Rocky never drinks from it.
He uses the one in the kitchen.
There is also water in his food.
Katie used the bowl I washed.
She crossed the bridge this month.
Maybe if I washed her water bowl,
She would come back.

Another Monday

It’s time to rise and go to work.
My dog rolls over with a smirk.

There’s a pounding in my head.
I wonder how to work from bed.

Two cups of coffee for my thirst.
The second cup to wake the first.

It was a very long night indeed.
But a little longer now, I plead.

I should be functional by noon.
At least it will be the weekend soon.


I wandered into the kitchen.
Someone was defrosting chicken.
We’re having chicken tonight.
What a delight!

The next break from toiling,
I found the chicken boiling.
I almost cried.
I much prefer fried.

Chicken cooked in water.
It must be for my daughter.
She’s a bit bitchy
And she won’t take her pills.

Pet Parents

My funny little puppy
Jumps where he is able.
So, we all eat standing up,
Instead of at the table.

My sleepy little puppy
Unlocks his crate with his snout.
It’s impressive that he can get in,
We’re glad he can’t get out.

My skinny little puppy
Always sheds his hair.
He could be very, very large.
But he’s spread out everywhere.

My crazy little puppy
Always wants a snack.
She never can relax at all
We’ll feed her Doggie Prozac.


Katie is a lovely dog
She knows that she is mine.
She only has one tiny fault.
She cannot tell the time.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is every night at seven.
So, she starts her dinner whine
At six-ten or six-eleven.

Sometimes, this will work.
I will feed them early.
Katie learned that dinner time
Arrives some nights prematurely.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is every night at six-fifteen
So, she starts her dinner whine
At five-thirty, six or in-between.

Once the whining has commenced,
She never tends to drop it.
Only puppy food in quantity
Seems to make her stop it.

Katie knows that dinner time
Is sometime after four.
So, she starts her dinner whine
Sometime the day before.

The one part of my dear Kate
That never needs explaining.
She only has two speeds in life,
Sound asleep and loud complaining.