Silence Is Golden

I had a great closing line for a poem today.
I just couldn’t come up with the lines before it.
Then, I realized my brain was probably protecting me.
Sometimes, the brain knows best.

Sometimes, it’s best not to write anything at all.
Especially when you realize it may be slander.
Then, you realize it’s actually libel, since
Slander is said.

Always remember slander is said. Both start with “S”.

See how I’ve managed to distract you from the point?
Now you will wonder who was going to be libeled.
You will have to just keep wondering.

I would slander the person in question,
But only after enough drinks.
That way, I could speak freely,
And nobody would remember.

Slander is safer. 

Another mnemonic.

So, there was something useful from all this crap.


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